Recruitment and selection of technical personnel

Van Asbrouck Recruitment is an independent consultancy office specialised in the recruitment and selection of technical personnel.

Recruit by executive search, file search and talent scouting

We sometimes advertise in papers, but mostly recruit by executive search, file search and talent scouting.

Assessments, advice on job rotation and internal promotion

We also provide assessments, advice on job rotation and internal promotion. Our office in Belgium and our people abroad enable us to meet the wishes and requirements of our customers and candidates both on a national and international level.

Van Asbrouck Recruitment can pride itself in 29 years of expertise on the job market.

(International Recruitment)

Over the many years of our experience, we have developed a thorough knowledge of the classic technology and high-tech job market. This includes all kind of engineers, ranging from pure technical (production, research, quality, audit, …) to commercially-oriented roles.

On the International level we are emphasising our activities to the Central-European region. Local candidates are selected to be employed in local companies whereas local Central-European candidates are also selected to be employed in West-European companies.  We also fill in vacancies in South East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar).

We feel very strongly about international recruitment and selection. Assignments for European companies in the USA, international assignments for American or other companies in Europe, sourcing and placing international candidates, are just some examples of our activities fitting in with the increasing internationalisation.

Good agreements make
good relations

A fruitful collaboration with our customers starts with a good talk. We discuss the vacancy to be filled, but equally important is our aim to acquire an appreciation of the organisation in which a potential candidate will work. This working environment is vital for a successful working relationship. As soon as we have gathered all relevant information, we set out to find a suitable candidate.

We act as a real extension of your human resources department, and this partnership enables us to provide you with better assistance.

The candidates selected by our recruitment service are being presented to our client by means of a detailed report.

Whatever services you want to consult Van Asbrouck Recruitment for, you will always get a clear insight into the procedures and costs beforehand. Our corporate size, flexibility and tenacity result in a solid partnership with our clients.
With a lot of our customers, we have forged a close, long-term relationship through many years of fruitful collaboration.

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